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Written by on 12 August 2021

Award-winning duo electronic TRUTH return with their fifth album, ‘Acceptance’.

It’s difficult to fully capture the magnitude of TRUTH with words. The duo has a slew of awards, commercial placements, international tours and millions of streams to their name. Instead, I think it’s better if the music does the talking for me. This is lucky because their 5th album ‘Acceptance’ is a project packed full of flair, creativity and emotion featuring an array of songs that you will be listening to for years to come.

At 13 tracks long, ‘Acceptance’ has a lot to get through. Opening with the stripped-back piece ‘Pages’, the album starts off with a mellow vibe. This sets the tone of the album nicely and gives the listener a taste of what to expect.

We then move into the title track ‘Acceptance’. Starting with rising synths and minimalist percussion the track slowly builds into an epic crescendo leading to one of the standout moments on the album.

‘Acceptance’ is emotional and atmospheric. TRUTH has a diverse soundscape and draws upon different production elements to keep things sounding fresh, all while sticking to similar ideas and themes. Lush basslines, eerie rhythms, delicate vocal chops and vintage synths all feature throughout ‘Acceptance’. TRUTH are masters of their craft and know how to keep a listener captivated and engaged throughout the 13 tracks.

‘Acceptance’ does a great job of exploring different production ideas and genres. ‘Little Sadness’ has a distinctive trap flair, ‘Sleepwalk’ features lo-fi inspired chords and ‘Love’ incorporates the classic liquid Drum & Bass sound that TRUTH does so well.

Born from the uncertainty of COVID-19, the duo explains the album was the result of turbulent times, “this album was conceived and created during the darkest period of 2020 / 2021, bouncing ideas between Christchurch and Los Angeles. It’s the most personal TRUTH release to date, defining who TRUTH is as an artist and reflecting where we come from, Aotearoa.”

This is an album created for late-night marauding. There is a sense of nostalgia throughout the ‘Acceptance’ perfect for reflection. Listening through the project there is something eerily captivating that keeps me coming back for more.

‘Acceptance’ is another fantastic offering from TRUTH. It’s an album that deserves to be listened to from start to finish and an album that will leave you discovering something fresh with each new run-through.

Check out ‘Acceptance’ below.

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