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Written by on 5 August 2021

Tāmaki Makaurau based band Dad Joke release their new single ‘Give Us A Hand’.

The second single from their debut album, ‘Who Made Whom’, ‘Give Us A Hand’ is an energetic track full of character.

Punchy drums and scorching guitars set the soundscape of a track brimming with personality. Lead singer Hayden Sinclair’s off-kilter vocal delivery is incredibly enthralling and gives the song a raw rock-roll energy reminiscent of the classic ’80s  sound. 

Dad Joke was aptly formed during an end of year school BBQ over Burnt Chorizos, with the band not afraid to immerse themselves in irony. Dad Joke describe their sound as “a musical cross between AC/DC and some sort of Flying Nun band from the ‘80s.”

Alongside the single is a charming DIY video seeing singer Hayden Sinclair being dug into a hole. 

‘Who Made Whom’ was recorded, mixed and mastered at Auckland’s legendary Earwig Studios by producers Darren McShane and Ronny Growler, both of whom also guested with guitar, vocal, percussion and keyboard contributions.


You can check out the track below.

As well as the video.

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