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Decknology Finalists: LXTZ

Written by on 13 November 2017

Decknology 2016 champion LXTZ is coming back to defend the title.

Who is this enigma?? Here’s 10 facts about LXTZ.

  1. He’s guaranteed less immature and impressionable than he was in 2016.
  2. Favourite song is tied between Michael Jackson “Man In The Mirror” and Prince “I would die 4 u”
  3. Alex doesn’t spam #DJ #EDM #Follow4follow on his social media.
  4. He legitimately doesn’t mix like this and will turn off master tempo the next night.
  5. Thanks to his Postgrad studies the debut EP will take about as long as Chinese Democracy (by Guns ’n’ Roses) did to hit the shelves.
  6. Alex aims to squat 5 plates one day but realises that he’s only got one ACL joint per knee.
  7. His two fashion crimes are backpacks with formal suits and Joop Homme cologne.
  8. He lived in Germany for 2 years and managed to escape becoming a tech house DJ.
  9. Award winner for laziest social media promotion.
  10. Favourite animal = Samoyed dog.

Come see him DEFEND THE TITLE this Thursday at the Decknology Grand Final at Winnie Bagoes City.

HUGE shout outs to Rockshop NZMAINZ (Music and Audio Institute of New Zealand)Serato & Winnie Bagoes City.




That feel when player says “USB not recognised” mid show

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