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Written by on 15 July 2021

Ōtautahi based band Lunar Intruder have released their new EP, ‘Outerworlds’.

‘Outerworlds’ follows the bands previously released singles ‘Angel’ and ‘Ready To Know’, and sees Lunar Intruder confident and assured in their sound. ‘Outerworlds’ comes after time spent soul searching for Lunar Intruder as they looked to hone their musical direction. The band explains the driving thought behind the EP was the idea of “what experience do we want our listeners to have?”

The EP follows from the band’s recent string of success seeing them open for Mako Road, The Butlers, Ladi6, Montell2099 and a string of other exciting acts. Moving away from their previous surf-rock sound ‘Outerworlds’ is a breath of fresh air for Lunar Intruder. 

‘Outerworlds’ boasts a hazy palette of psychedelic indie tones and dream pop influences. The result is a delightful assortment of tracks bursting with originality and creativity. Speaking on the process of creating the EP, the band explain, “we believe that a good EP/album needs variety throughout. By keeping some key ideas and themes in mind, we were still able to produce something that had enough variety and varying energy that keeps the listener engaged throughout.”

The title track ‘Outerworlds’ is a stand out from the EP. The song is a dreamy soundscape bursting with infectious instrumentation and a husky vocal delivery nothing short of exceptional. 

If ‘Outer Worlds’ is anything to go by we can expect some big things in the future for Lunar Intruder.

Check out the EP below.

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