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Written by on 7 September 2021

Ōtepoti mainstays Marlin’s Dreaming have released a second single ‘Trophies’, ahead of their third and promising LP ‘Hasten’, set to be released 1st October. The single subdues their sultry tendencies in exchange for a 90s alt-rock tone that further disproves the half-hearted genre many confine the group to.

The song differs from the rest of the bands back catalogue, wherein the shimmering melodies and riffs taunt the despondent lyrics through their dissimilarities. Though, this time around, the hypnagogic yet sullen sounds and the earnest lyrics align for an equation far from the boundaries of their preceding work. “That’s not what I was told, flesh it out and then start again”, sings lead singer Semisi Maiai over staccato rhythm guitar, crafting a soundscape that easily establishes itself as a strong indication of the upcoming LP.

Sombre double-tracked vocals paired with a persistent drone and simple instrumentation sound straight out of an unreleased deep cut from the likes of ‘Sebadoh’ or ‘Yo La Tengo’. Although they’re following suit of such alt heartthrob forerunners, ‘Trophies’ couldn’t have come from anyone else but Marlin’s Dreaming, or from anywhere else but Dunedin.

‘Trophies’ is a stellar look inside the expanse of the bands capabilities. It is merely the product of an inability to tour and a presented opportunity to write and cultivate a sound that is none other than Marlin’s Dreaming.

Check out Trophies by Marlin’s Dreaming here.

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