Drum and Dance Fest | Nov 19-21

RDU Breakfast 17 November 2021

Ben from RDU Breakfast chats with┬áMarcus Puentener┬ácoming in live from Little River ahead of the Drum and Dance Festival! It was truly a┬ápleasure having the RDU alum on the show. If you’re reading┬áthis you’re already in too deep I think- so head to the festival and donate to #RDU45 stat! Take this as your sign.



This year’s festival is two days and nights of gigs, performance and workshops. Ideal for those interested in learning and participating but also for just listening. Family friendly with camping on site. Head here for the line-up:┬áhttps://www.undertheradar.co.nz/gig/77197/The-Drum-And-Dance-Festival.utr

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