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RIP DJ Soane

Written by on 10 November 2014

Soane Filitonga, the pioneering deep house dance producer and DJ, passed away over the weekend of a suspected heart attack. Our hearts go out to his family and friends.

Soane started DJing under the name DJ Big Daddy in the early 1990’s. In 1994 he toured with OMC during the ‘Proud tour’, and Audio Culture say that “Pauly Fuemana and Alan Jansson would partially write OMC’s ‘Never Coming Back’ about Soane’s time in Tonga in the early 1990s when he failed to renew his residency in New Zealand and was briefly refused re-entry. Soane was “brother Pele” in OMC’s ‘How Bizarre’ lyric.”

In 1997 DJ’s from Paper Recordings and Blackpool’s Shaboom Records encouraged him to write and produce his own tracks. He put out three tracks over two years (‘Go Master’, ‘Herringbone’ & ‘Saxy Beast’), all of which charted in the UK Club charts.

His first full length album ‘Tongan Chic’ was released in 2004 and was critically well received.

Hear his music and read more about his career and successes at Audio Culture.

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