with Anima, MJ, Seer, Rez and Rosa

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Rāhoroi | Sat 7:30 pm 9:00 pm

The suns going down for your Saturday night

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Drawing inspiration from 1985 label, but with their own personal flair. The Substructure crew bring a vibe of dark, tasteful, exploring a wide range of deep bass music. New kids on the block, MJ, Rez, and Seer have the drum and bass covered, while Anima enjoys dubs and breaks, and Rosa is the jungle queen.

7.30 – 9pm, every Saturday night. The sun is going down and everyone is set to rip into the weekend nightlife. What’s YOUR plan for the big night ahead? You can always catch the team on 021 RDU 985 to let them know the haps.

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