Frank Booker

The Morning After with Ben and Josh | 26 November 2020


Frank Booker had a chat with Ben about his latest release out today.

Molly & The Chromatics pair up with Frank Booker to create an emphatic Disco/House groover. A formidable extension to an already distinctive and rousing track. This unique artist combination creates a fusion of production. Rowlandson’s smokey vocals hit Bookers House and Disco drenched production whilst keeping the Chromatics Jazz and Soul instrumentation. The original lyrical messaging reveals a tongue-in-cheek protest song encased in a Pop Disco/Funk sound. A challenge against the pressure to conform to a pre-existing value system handed down to us by older generations. Reaffirmation of your right to choose your own path.

The Morning After

Shake off the morning dust and rub the sleep out of your eyes

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