Gay Death Stock Take | Tiny Fest

RDU Breakfast 29 November 2021


Nathan Joe and Ben from RDU Breakfast chat all about Gay Death Stock Take, the creative’s piece featured at 2021 Tiny Fest.


Nathan has just turned 30. In gay years, he is basically dead. 

Gay Death Stock Take is about the tension between queerness and capitalism. About personal value being inextricably bound to capital value. Self worth and capital worth. The sudden comedown of your defining decade being all over. 
A tally of exes, a collection of trauma, a list of accomplishments. When it’s all added up, what does your life amount to? From owning property, finding love, navigating the free market of sexual desire, having a career, raising children. The absurdity of trying to put a value on things but doing it anyway.
Part ted-talk, part performance poem, part museum of personal history. Where birthday party meets mourning ritual. A brand new work by Nathan Joe, made in collaboration with Daniel Goodwin and Georgie Sivier.

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