Philadelphia Sunshine | RDU Breakfast

RDU Breakfast 8 December 2021

If you’re reading this you’re in for a treat. I am breaking the fourth wall as I write this. Normally I am all “Ben from RDU Breakfast” but this time NO I am just going to talk at you. This interview with Jackson and Nikos from Philadelphia Sunshine is easily one of my fave interviews from this year. The first half of the chat is a Guest List (thanks NZ On Air) where they bring on a Fat Freddy’s track and Night Lunch’s iconic House Full of Shit. Then we get deep and personal. The guys turned the interview on me and asked me increasingly personal questions, from me talking about my break-up, biggest fears, stuff we’re looking forward to…the list goes on. Settle down and listen in for yourself in what is an interview I will never forget!!!

And make sure to listen to Philadelphia Sunshine on all the platforms. Give them a second to get Bandcamp up and running.



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