DNA | Beats On Rye

with Amanda & Darlene | El Pasko

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Rātapu | Sun 11:00 am 1:00 pm

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Bi-weekly on RDU 98.5FM! Weekly rotating shows, bringing you nothing but the very best.

Week 1: DNA

A stone-ground blend of contemporary rock, indie, electronic and hip-hop tunes, from Aotearoa and around the world.

Join Amanda and Darlene (and sometimes Molly) for the very best music from back in the day and now. Chatting about the general goings-on in life with news, music, movies, tv and day to day experiences.

Week 2: Beats On Rye

After a solid five years surfing the air waves of Tamaki Makaurau. Beats on Rye has now found a new home at RDU!

Brought to you by DJ El Pasko who originally hails from Otautahi, Beats on Rye promises to bring you a carefully selected batch of new and classic instrumental hip hop from the world’s best producers, plus a bunch of beats, rhymes and jazzy soul from El Pasko’s personal archives.



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