Throwing Shapes

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Rātapu | Sun 3:00 pm 4:30 pm

The very best of americana

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Throwing Shapes is the sound of a back-country road stretching into the distance; the heat shimmering off the tarmac and playing tricks with your mind. The sound of the jukebox in the corner of the diner, playing those sweet old songs while you sip your cup of coffee and watch the smoke from your Lucky Strike swirl towards the ceiling. The sound of a 3am train ride from Brooklyn to Manhattan. The back seat of a Greyhound bus on the freeway, somewhere between North and South Dakota.

Throwing Shapes brings you the very best of americana and alt country in all its glorious forms. New releases, old classics. Country, folk, blues, zydeco and anything else that takes our fancy. Tune in Sunday afternoons, 3 – 4.30pm.

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