Album Review | One Waka – Take It Easy

Written by on 17 September 2021

Ōtautahi based reggae group One Waka have released their new album ‘Take It Easy’.

Over the years One Waka has become a staple of the Ōtautahi music scene. With their soulful take on roots sound, the band has carved an identity that has led them to become synonymous with Christchurch reggae and roots culture.

At six tracks long, ‘Take It Easy’ is an album that highlights the band’s devotion to both traditional and future roots sounds. ‘Take It Easy’ is filled with feel-good energy and kick back vibes.

The opening track of the album ‘Where Does The River Flow’ is exceptionally catchy. Upbeat and vibrant, the track starts the album on a high note. Funky instrumentation intertwines with an enthralling vocal delivery to create a song that could be the soundtrack to a perfect Summers day. I can picture ‘Where Does The River Flow’ being a crowd favourite, and the dynamic range of the track fits perfectly to a live performance.

The title track ‘Take It Easy’ has a more mellow sound to it, but still incorporates One Waka’s traditional dub sound. The songs ebb and flow nicely between each other, as One Waka showcase their songwriting diversity.

‘Lonely Tide’ is a song with a story to tell. One Waka takes inspiration from the picturesque South Island landscape and this shines through on ‘Lonely Tide’. ‘Give Life Give Love’ also feels deeply influenced by the local environment and culture.

‘Inna Moonlight’ is a charming track that evokes a sense of family and companionship. ‘Inna Moonlight’ is a warm song that has a distinctly nostalgic feel to it. The track sees One Waka come together to deliver a touching and memorable performance.

‘Take It Easy’ is an expression of One Waka’s diverse soundscape and influences. Each track fits the band’s identity while offering something unique. Throughout ‘Take It Easy’ One Waka take their listener on a journey. Brass instruments, rattling percussion and swinging melodies all come together on an exceptionally enjoyable album. ‘Take It Easy’ is a cohesive listen from start to finish, with One Waka stepping up to offer up a sizzling slice of reggae music.

Take a listen to the album below!

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