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Brewista – cold brewed coffee by Vivace!

Written by on 20 October 2015

Check it out! Our friends at Vivace Espresso today announced the arrival of Brewista, a refreshing cold brewed coffee that’s delivered through a nitrogen beer keg and tap, which gives it an almost Guinness like foam head. This is the first of it’s kind in New Zealand! Served chilled on ice at Vivace Roastery Espresso Bar Tuam st, or Café Raewood on Harewood Road. Perfect for summer.

It’s hard to do it justice in words. Go try it!

Vivace have said about the brew:

“We have developed a special blend specifically for the cold extraction.
The coffee is steeped for approx 18 hours in cold water then forced through a very fine stainless steel cone filter using nitrogen gas, essentially it is a massive Aeropress. This extracts all the finer subtle notes from the coffee producing a fine, clean, sweet caramel + Chocolate cup.
The cold brew is put into 20L kegs and force charged with pure Nitrogen gas at a very high pressure. This dissolves the nitrogen into solution creating a creamy mouthfeel.
The Nitro Cold brew is dispensed using a special creamer tap similar to a Guinness tap. This creates the cascading nitrogen look in the glass and leaves a rich head on top.
The Caffeine content is approximately 20% higher than a standard espresso style coffee, the reason being the longer brewing time extracts more caffeine. For this reason we are serving in 200ml Glasses / eco takeaway cups , and serving with ice. A warning for Caffeine Sensitive People is advised.”


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