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Written by on 1 December 2016

The Decknology 2016 Finals are fast approaching!

Friday 9th December at Empire Bar & Izakaya sees LXTZ, Madoka, TopTap, Corruptio & Subvert going head to head to be crowned THE DECKNOLOGY 2016 CHAMPION OF THE UNIVERSE.

Get to know your challengers before the final throwdown.

DJ Profile: Corrupio
As this years White Elephant miXfactor Grand Champion, Curruptio was a wild card in the Semi Finals of Decknology 2016. At 15 years old, he’s the youngest DJ to ever compete in a Decknology Grand Final.

How long have you been djing for?
I’ve been mixing tunes and cutting beats for about a year, although I think LXTZ likes to say that I’ve been DJing since February. I started DJing after I began making beats. I saw that pretty much every other big name producer is a DJ when they play shows, so I thought I should join the game.

How would you describe your sets?
A full on, no brakes hard hitter when it wants to be, though I always want to switch it up and take the audience somewhere different with each song. Whether it’s old or new, fast or slow, if it’s good music I’ll play it out.

Weapons of choice?
I love to use good old mainstream CDJ’s, the look and feel is so clean and professional which makes them easy and fun to use when coming up with that brand-new gimmick to throw in your set. I’m looking at get into mixing and doing tricks with turntables in the future though.

What can we expect from you on the night?
You can expect something totally different to any set you may have heard me play before. I don’t like to repeat myself, it feels like I’m cheating if I don’t bring something new each time I play a gig.

What sets you apart from other competitors?
I don’t stay to one predictable tempo or genre to impress. The key to a good set in my eyes is to bring little bits of inspiration and aspects from all different types of music together to make something cohesive and flowing, as cheesy as that sounds.

Who’s set are you most looking forward to?
I’m looking forward to LXTZ’s set because I want to hear all his corny tricks that makes his sets very unique and fun. And also to see if he plays something that’s not house for once.

Upcoming projects?
I’ve been working with Blueprint and he’s been remixing one of my own tunes which is awesome. Incredibly, I’ve also been asked to play out at Empire bar for 018 which is such a huge achievement for me. Other than that, just producing music with friends and practice, practice and more practice.

Corruptio Facebook
Corruptio Soundcloud

A huge thank you to Empire, White Elephant, The Rockshop and RDU for making Decknology 2016 happen.

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