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Written by on 2 November 2015

The Decknology Finals are rolling up!

Thursday 12 November at Dux Live sees MaerskZanninLXTZSoul Provider & Alby going head to head to be crowned THE DECKNOLOGY 2015 CHAMPION OF THE UNIVERSE.

Get to know your challengers before the final throwdown.

PROFILE: Soul Provider
How long have you been DJing for? What made you want to start DJing?
Quite a while. My inspiration for DJing came from three places.

  • I was producing music and wanted an outlet to present it to people.
  • I heard DJ JD dropping Funk tunes which immediately sent me on a journey to start discovering the origin of all the Hiphop I’d grown up on.
  • I heard DJ Zinc play a set at the Lumiere theatre where he was dropping jungle and laying Dr Who and Star Wars samples all over the mix… I was mad inspired by this and instantly got deep into Jungle, which then turned into DnB a few years later.


How would you describe your sets/the music you play?
My sets are usually multi-genre affairs, I don’t limit myself to one type of music. As someone who has played and loved music my whole life I wouldn’t want to short change myself like that, so my sets reflect that. I try and incorporate turntablism into my sets when I can, and I also try not to take myself too seriously so I’ll drop a bit of cheese or the odd cheeky sample here and there.

What’s your weapons of choice (gear)?
Two turntables and a mixer with Serato, and a MIDI controller so I can mash up those cue points and use Serato’s SP6 and FX. Mr Miyagi also gave me a headband which bestows kung-fu powers and cobra-like speed.

What can we expect from you on the night?
You can expect me to be doing my damndest to take this sucker out!

What sets you apart from the other competitors?
I shower regularly.

Who’s set are you most looking forward to seeing? Why?
Maersk as he always brings a crapload of energy to his sets!

What gigs/projects do you have in the near future?
Once this madness is all over, I’ll be ripping back into Jungle production with LQ, releasing some more fire with Reality Chant, me and Brassic have talked about collabing on some Dub stuff, and I’ll working on completing an EP of vocoder Funk tunes that’s been on the boil for a while now.

Here’s a link to my two soundcloud pages where you can find some bootlegs and stuff.


Midnight Dubs:

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