Imperial April | Everything Is Okay

Written by on 4 September 2021

Imperial April shine on the emotional new song ‘Everything Is Okay’.

‘Everything Is Okay’ is a ballad about dealing with feelings of doubt and loneliness. The production on the track is minimal, blending jangly guitars, stripped back melodies and ethereal vocals to create a song bursting with emotion. 

Lead singer Victoria Knopp explains the song is very much self-reflective, “the song is about grappling with feeling like an outsider, trying to rationalise away those thoughts and then sometimes just having no words to describe what you’re processing”.

Imperial April is the side project of The Response. The group was born out of the 2020 lockdown and has continued to thrive with their contemplative lyrics with 90’s pop-rock leanings.

‘Everything Is Okay’ is a bittersweet and charming release from Imperial April, and one well worth checking out.

You can listen to ‘Everything Is Okay’ below.

As well as the music video.

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