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Written by on 8 April 2021

Taking out the top spot on Te Ahi Top 10 this week is the liquid drum & bass track, Haunted, by Monika & Akuratyde featuring Oktae.

We caught up with the artists to chat about the making of the song, their production process and inspirations.

Check out the interview below.

Congratulations on taking out the top spot this week with your song ‘Haunted’, can you tell me a little more about the track?

Monika: Thanks! This is the first track on Soulvent I’ve written with Dan Akuratyde, but a return of my frequent vocalist Oktae.

Can you tell me a little bit about what inspired you when making ‘Haunted’?

M: The chordal melodics were inspired from 80s synth sounds (Dan knows which specific tune!). The percussion has taken a lot from Pola & Bryson’s style

Akuratyde: Yeah, I was sampling some old records I own and came across this incredible chord progression from an ‘80s new-age record so I decided to recreate it. I wrote the bones of this song and then Maxwell arranged it, added some more synths and drums, and Casey finished it off with her vocals.

Tell me a bit about your production style? What software do you use and how do you go about making a track?

M: We use Logic Pro. Typically one of us will start an idea, build up a short sketch, then fire over the project to the other and work on finishing it! We’re constantly talking and our process is usually very smooth.

A: It’s a pretty seamless process and we’re incredibly like-minded so it’s very easy to work together!

What are some of your musical influences?

M: At the moment it’s: Seba, Floating Points, Nils Frahm, SG Lewis, Róisín Murphy

A: Alix Perez, Artificial Intelligence, Bop, Mystic State, Synkro, Purity Ring, St. Lucia

You collaborated with AKURATYDE and Oktae on this track, how did that collaboration come about?

M: Dan and I have been working together for well over a year now! I hit him up after his first release on BMTM and we’ve been chatting ever since! Casey Oktae and I have also been working for ages together. I met her when I was living in London and I’m always hitting her up to work on music. She’s an amazing singer and so professional to work with.

A: Maxwell and I became fast friends. We did a song together for my debut album in 2018 and I also remixed him that same year. In mid-2019 we started talking about doing a dedicated project together and our debut release was on Fokuz last year.  

You moved over from the UK and are now based in Lyttelton, how did you find that transition?

M: Initially, very hard! I moved from London to Timaru to live with my girlfriend and found the culture shock hard and I got quite depressed at time. But after moving to Lyttelton, life has been sweet! Christchurch is a dnb paradise!

Where is your favourite place to play in Christchurch, and why?

M: There’s only two options right?? FLUX is my jam for liquid nights. Hide, if I wanna tear it out

Have you got any more collaborations planned?

M: Yeah! We’ve just released a remix of an Aroha tune, plus another EP on Fokuz coming out and of April. That features Oktae again and Christchurch singer, Laura Hunter.

If you had to describe your music in three words, what would they be?

M: Atmospheric, sexy, bright

A: Melodic, driving, thoughtful

You can check out the song below:

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