Katy Yiakmis | Now That’s What I Call RDU

The Morning After with Ben and Josh | 7 May 2021


Now That’s What I Call RDU: 1980 – 1989

Episode 5: Katy Yiakmis

The Morning After welcomes Katy Yiakmis, RDU Co-Station Manager, newsreader and breakfast show host in the 1980s to revisit the memories of a being student visiting the university record store, hosting shows on air and being a part of the RDU 98.5FM community. She shares with the listeners four tracks that have really stuck with her from the time period; 1981 – Riot 111 from Goat’s Milk Soap Compilation, The Witch – 25 Cents,  Isol- Marie and the Atom, and Spik and Span – The Gordons.

In celebration of NZ Music Month, RDU 98.5FM presents Now That’s What I Call RDU, a Live Podcast Series taking place on ‘The Morning After’ breakfast show throughout the month of May.

The series aims to delve deep into the rich history and culture that has helped shape the Ōtautahi music scene to what we see today. Each week will focus on a different decade, starting in the 1980s and moving through to the 2020s for the final episode. 

Hosted by RDU 98.5FM’s breakfast duo, Ben O’Connell & Josh Watson, the pair will welcome guests from across the eras. Taking a closer look at what was going on within the local scene at the time, uncovering the memories and of course, revisiting some of the incredible music that has been produced in the city we call home.

Tune in live on RDU 98.5FM each weekday of May between 8- 8.30am or listen on-demand by visiting www.rdu.org.nz.

Now That’s What I Call RDU is proudly made with the support of Ōtautahi music venue, 12 Bar.


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