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Written by on 24 January 2024

Ahead of Nostalgia Festival 2024, Liam sat down with local fave, T.G. Shand – who is performing at the festival – for a chat about the festival, her music, and her inspirations.

Thanks so much for having a chat! So, Nostalgia Festival 2024! You must be excited? Have you got much planned for your set?

There’s some new tracks in the works that have sound design and textures involved, so am looking forward to seeing how those textures go live! 

Ugh I am so excited to hear that! Especially after last year’s Cinnamon! How would you describe your performance style we’re going to see?

The whole band are super genuine people who are into music in general, so I think we’re just doing our thing and enjoying playing the music really. Seriously, I love playing with these people! It’s ridiculous!

Part of the charm of Nostalgia Festival is definitely its location! Every Cantabrian kinda loves it, don’t we? Do you have any fond memories of Ferrymead Heritage Park? 

I went to a primary school with like 15 kids total, on the coast outside Ashvegas. We went on a school trip to the big smoke of Chch, and went to the heritage park … we dressed up in the old clothes and made butter from milk. I remember thinking it was pretty cool.

Does anyone remember that reality TV show where the family tried to live there for an extended period of time? Or is that my imagination?

Also, my friend made a short Zombie film using the Heritage park as a location when we were in uni. I did the creepy soundtrack. I remember turning up there by myself at night trying to find where they were shooting in the dark and it was quiiiite scary.

Yes! I remember that TV Show! I think I’d be so embarrassing on it, not worth the 15 minutes of fame…. Staying on the topic of Nostalgia, what about music? What music gets you really nostalgic?

Hmmm… M83, A Sunny Day in Glasgow, Tamaryn. Reminds me of late night road trips in the winter in early 2010s!

Wow, those are some excellent choices! One final question, you don’t have to give too much away… But 2023 was a great year for you, what does 2024 have in store?

Oooh good question… I reckon there might be some more music and soundscapes on the way… 

The Nostalgia Music Festival takes place on February 10th, 2024.

Tickets are selling fast, so get yours HERE!

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