Moider Mother | RDU Live To Air

Moider Mother joined us in the studio for a live performance.

Cults, cannibals & killers – these are the themes that make up the dark heart of this wholesome family band. When bassist Nick Harte (Shocking Pinks) and frontwoman Hannah Harte got together, she had a dream of forming a band together with her sons, Noah & Ethan. That dream swiftly became reality, and now this unusual combination of drums, bass, and two vocalists, perform a unique variation of no-wave, punk, and funky disco basslines that are tearing a hole in reality!

▸King Of The Incels
▸Influencer Scum
▸Brick In A Stocking

Audio Engineer – Jamie Stratton
Audio Mixing and Mastering – Jamie Stratton
Camera – Tom Kepple and Erin Voice
Editor – Amy Hollands


RDU 98.5FM Live-To-Airs are proudly supported by NZ On Air and SALTBOX Studios. Each month, we welcome local musicians from around Aotearoa to perform live to the airwaves on Ōtautahi’s RDU 98.5FM, part of the national Student Radio Network.

You can watch past live to airs here:

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