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Written by on 11 June 2021

Dunedin rockers Rezzy Crooks make their return with the new EP ‘Rezzy Crook Book‘. At five tracks long, the EP is a collection of laid-back songs perfect for a sunny day.

Rezzy Crooks encapsulates the Dunedin sound. Listening to the EP makes me want to break out my best flannel shirt and dad cap combo, crack open a frosty Speights and check the surf report for tomorrow morning. 

Opening the EP is the delightfully charming track ‘The Rezzipe (intro)’, which provides some very detailed instructions on what to do if you’re all out of greenery. It sets the project off on a light-hearted and humorous note and gives us an insight into some of the bands’ extra-curricular activities. After this track, the EP settles into a more of a classic surf-rock vibe. Although I would have liked to hear a few more humorous quips, the rest of the EP is still very much an enjoyable listening experience.

‘Purple’ does a fantastic job of showing us Rezzy Crooks capabilities as performers. The song starts off mellow before exploding into an energetic chorus filled with an upbeat drum groove and gritty guitar riffs. I’m sure this would be a great song to perform, and a great song to see live. 

‘Wasting My Time’ opens on some dreamy melodies and a lovely vocal delivery from lead singer Sam Johnson. The vocals mirror the stop-start instrumentation to create a back-and-forth style delivery. This is reflected by the vibrant hook, which does a great job of building tension and anticipation throughout the track. ‘Changing My Mind’ builds nicely from the previous songs and is another example of the bands’ chemistry and songwriting capability.

The last track from ‘Rezzy Crook Book’ is ‘Taste’, my personal favourite. On ‘Taste’, the band immerse themselves in a laid-back groove. The guitar solo at the end of the song is probably my favourite piece of instrumentation on the EP, and the husky vocal delivery is nothing short of captivating. ‘Taste’ ends the EP on a high note and is a nice change of pace from some of the other cuts on the project.

Self-described as “just a couple crooks from Dunedin”, Rezzy Crooks are a group brimming with personality. This personality shines through on their music and makes for an EP packed to the brim with charm, energy and heart-felt musical expression. The ‘Rezzy Crook Book’ deserves a listen, even if you can’t get two feet up on a surfboard or have never set a couch on fire on Castle Street, there’s a lot to like in this Dunedin band.

You can check out the ‘Rezzy Crook Book’ below.

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