Alex TZ | Move Wit This

Written by on 3 June 2021

Ōtautahi DJ and Producer Alex TZ has released the funky new track ‘Move Wit This’.

Pumped full of energy and rhythm, ‘Move Wit This’ is a groovy slice of Tech-House tailor-made for the dancefloor. Continuing his run of upbeat House inspired tracks, ‘Move Wit This’ is another note-worthy release from Alex TZ

Pulsating bass and scintillating synths combine with an electric vocal sample to create a feel-good groove. ‘Move Wit This’ has great energy and flow to it. There is a steady rhythm in the instrumentation, with different elements repeatedly introduced and removed to build tension. ‘Move Wit This’ feels perfect for the dancefloor, inspiring a boogie no matter the occasion.

Alex TZ is also a two-time winner of the coveted Decknology contest.

You can check out ‘Move Wit This’ below.

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