Curator Hit Picks | Week Of 7th June

Written by on 17 June 2021

Each week our curators put together a list of new songs to be featured on RDU. We’ve taken their hit pick and compiled them into one action-packed playlist.

Check out their picks below.

Hannah: Lunar Intruder – Ready To Know

Christchurch band Lunar Intruder have released their second single off of their upcoming EP ‘Outerworlds’ last Friday 11 June. Self-described as a “melancholic journey through the indie-psych soundscape, the track is about the obsession of what the future will bring.

Becca: Paige Julia – Live And Direct 

It’s a very cool thing to watch a favourite NZ artist “glow-up” and start making waves throughout the electronic community across the world. Paige Julia is one of these artists. The DREAMS EP, released on Unchained Recordings is quite frankly, OUT THE BLOODY GATE!! And this tune Live and Direct has been making serious waves in the pre-promo of the EP. In classic Paige style, a hybrid blur between Jungle, DnB and all things electronic, this tune will make you bang your head and buy you a ticket directly to her next show… ENJOY!  

Leila: Mach Hommy feat Westside Gunn & Keisha Plum – Folie A Deux  

The slightly detuned piano gives it a slightly haunted feeling and with Keisha’s poetry layered over the top. Perfect tune in my eyes.  

Lewis: Toxic Relationship – Burn Them In The House

I’m always in a bit of a mood for some rugged, rough punk-pop. Just turn the gain up to “too much Jesus shit” and blow out my eardrums whilst I busy myself beating up a Young Nat.

You can check out the full New To Playlist selection here. 

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