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Written by on 8 October 2021

Electronic maestro Leaping Tiger finds his voice on the new release, ‘Gooey’.

Making a name for himself as a producer and bass player, Leaping Tiger takes centre stage on his new track ‘Gooey’. 

Overtop of his signature eclectic production Leaping Tiger shares a relatable story of insecurity. Gliding synths and rumbling bass create an immersive soundscape as Leaping Tiger unpacks his conflicted emotions.

Speaking on the track Leaping Tiger explains, “‘Gooey’ is a vocalisation of how I was feeling for a week after finding out about my ex’s new partner through social media. I was really shocked at how old feelings can come flooding back from something as simple as a photo on a phone screen. That’s something I’d never been through before”.

‘Gooey’ is the first time Leaping Tiger has written and performed his own vocals on a track. Speaking on his decision to take on vocal duties Leaping Tiger explains, “I’d been sitting on the instrumental trying to get all sorts of people on it whilst I had my own idea of how the song should go in the back of my mind, so as each opportunity to have a different vocalist faded, it became more and more clear I just had to do it and speak for myself for once.”

‘Gooey’ continues Leaping Tiger’s exceptional run of form. ‘Gooey’ also coincides with the announcement of Leaping Tiger’s second full-length album ‘Soulsleep’, which is out October 29th.

Take a listen to ‘Gooey’ below.

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