VAGABOND 69 & Jess Aspinwall | Whole Orange

Written by on 8 October 2021

VAGABOND69 and Jess Aspinwall team up on the experimental new song ‘Whole Orange’.

The production of ‘Whole Orange’ is stripped back and minimal, creating a hauntingly ambient vibe. Rattling percussion and gorgeous synths create the soundscape for a deeply touching track.

VAGABOND69 and Jess Aspinwall’s vocals are delicate and airy. Each artist takes turns crooning over the warm production, before combining for a captivating harmony on the chorus.

‘Whole Orange’ is the perfect example of less is more. Both artists delivery is gentle as they combine with ethereal production leading to an enthralling combination.

‘Whole Orange’ is a gem of a song that is well-deserving of a listen.

Check it out below!

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