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Written by on 6 September 2021

Aotearoa’s own Mild Orange return with a new feel-good track, ‘This Kinda Day’. The song evokes a perpetual summer, holding the country down through the last few weeks of cold.

Mild Orange at Nestfest 2021. Photos by Fran Scrimgeour

The song is a return to form, touching on familiar palettes. The sonic swirling takes you away only to find its feet near the end of the song with an outro that clears your heart and mind. The pop-psychadelia combined with dream pop elements aren’t new sounds, though somehow the song is a breath of fresh air. Amidst all the stagnated songs regurgitated to completion, sometimes a song like ‘This Kinda Day’ is essential to sitting back and enjoying your day; nothing more, nothing less.

The humble DIY nature of the band can be heard in their sound. The lack of overproduction and hopeful lyrics emit sincerity that is nothing but homegrown. The song comes to a climax around the 3 minute mark, creating one of those moments where there’s nothing more important in the world than the song you’re listening to.

‘This Kinda Day’ is the bands first release since their self titled sophomore LP in 2020; with its hopeful nature somewhat affirming the stresses of life in 2021. Let’s hope this stellar single is the start to something big from the boys.

Check out This Kinda Day by Mild Orange here.

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Photos by Fran Scrimgeour

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