Goat vs Tortoise

RDU Breakfast 1 December 2021

Ben from Brekkie chats with Mark Chirnside ahead of Goat versus Tortoise, an absurdist musical of economy and ecology.



In the Galápagos Islands, live a noble society of tortoises. After humans recklessly introduce goats to the island, the beautiful landscape of the islands changes, threatening the existence of the majestic native tortoises. 

The tortoises reach out to the humans for assistance, who embark on a campaign against the goats, to restore order to the Galápagos, and to save the tortoises from extinction.

The humans attempt to solve a problem which they started in the first place, to ensure many unintended consequences.

Goat Vs Tortoise will ask you questions to make you think…What’s important enough for us to take action? Are we prepared to take responsibility for the consequences of our actions? When is inaction the right choice?

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