REVIEW: Rhythm & Alps 2023/24

Written by on 18 January 2024

Hello, it’s your favourite amateur broadcaster here, Liam Donnelly.

Because they sponsor my show, and I love them dearly, I went along to the 2023/24 Rhythm & Alps Music Festival (RnA for short).

Located in the beautiful Cardrona Valley, Rhythm & Alps would have to be considered one of New Zealand’s premier music festivals.

Started in 2011, the festival has continually grown and improved to the point it’s now a total sensory experience for audiences, and attracts huge names to come and perform.

Because it’s consistently good (and it’s actually quite a nice drive to get there), RnA 2023/24 was my fifth attendance of the festival!

And yes, I’m gonna say it – it was the best one yet!

With 100% seriousness, I mean it. I am not just saying it for the sake of good marketing, this year’s festival was ELITE.

The iconic Tent City

Granted I was in a pleasant ‘It’s summer, no work’ headspace, you KNOW I’m awfully judgy when I want to be.

But this year’s festival was excellent! The atmosphere was very friendly, audio and visuals were on point, and the lineup was scheduled in a way that there was always a good variety of acts to choose from.

Also, because I’m getting sliiiiiiiightly (just slightly) older, catering is also something I now value, and I was spoilt when it came to food options!

It filled me with joy that after all this time, Rhythm & Alps Music Festival is still killing it!

I would be remiss to not mention some of the current and former RDU talent who did amazing sets at the festival.

A brilliantly pink-haired Patella had an incredibly fun set, former Sugar & Spice host, Kravis, saw in the new year very appropriately, and current host, Tikka killed it with a thumping, animalistic set, going B2B with Trivial.

It will surprise no one that EMILIE executed a perfect, also Fleeced, of which one half used to host The Gamma Rave, put on an amazing 3am set for those brave enough.

Overlooking the main stage, The Alpine Arena

Some other acts I personally enjoyed included, BICEP, Channel Tres, Synthony, Aunty El, Azure, and Ross From Friends.

Even then, I’m missing names. It was just banger after banger.

It was such a good time, that even accidentally peeing down my own leg, and a series of other self-inflicted inconveniences, didn’t put the slightest dampener on the experience.

Thank you, Rhythm & Alps.

Keep up the great work.



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