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Written by on 17 December 2021

Social Sport puts forth the new EP ‘In Vitro / Ex Vitro’.

Released on Club Unique, ‘In Vitro / Ex Vitro’ is a two-track EP from the Ōtautahi based Social Sport. The EP follows his 2020 release on fellow Christchurch label Echo Train Records and sees the enigmatic producer continue his exploration of breakbeat, garage, electro & trance.

Opening the EP is the intergalactic track ‘In Vitro’. Boasting a distinctive dancefloor groove the song combines lush chords, airy vocal shops and driving drums. ‘In Vitro’ is an introspective journey that sees Social Sport combine a myriad of influences. The track is a testament to Social Sports versatility as a producer. ‘In Vitro’ is an exceptional and immersive listen through headphones, as well as being suited for a club setting.

‘Ex Vitro’ explores the realm of breakbeat while offering an energetic and more chaotic approach. Crunchy drums, hazy chords and pulsating melodies set the scene for a lively track. ‘Ex Vitro’ has a rugged sense of energy to it, with Social Sport delicately balancing raw dancefloor energy and lush moody synth layers.

The two tracks do a fantastic job of presenting similar ideas in different ways. ‘In Vitro / Ex Vitro’ mirror each other and offer distinctively original and immersive themes.

The final track on the EP is a sub-rattling remix of ‘In Vitro’ by local bass cadet Shli. Shli’s remix is an exciting and refreshing addition to an already fantastic EP.

‘In Vitro / Ex Vitro’ is a high-quality and engaging release from Social Sport. The EP is a testament to the exemplary electronic scene blossoming in Ōtautahi. Take some time out of your day to soak in this masterpiece.

Take a listen to ‘In Vitro / Ex Vitro’ below.

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