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Written by on 6 December 2016

The Decknology 2016 Finals are fast approaching!

Friday 9th December at Empire Bar & Izakaya sees LXTZ, Madoka, TopTap, Corruptio & Subvert going head to head to be crowned THE DECKNOLOGY 2016 CHAMPION OF THE UNIVERSE.

Get to know your challengers before the final throwdown.

DJ Profile: LXTZ
miXfactor 2015 Grand Champion (bowing out this year only to help run the competition), Decknology 2015 Grand Finalist, emerging producer in the Christchurch music scene – what can we say, LXTZ has been going from strength to strength for many years, and this year no doubt won’t be any different.

How long have you been djing for?
I grew up an introverted and quiet in person. Music’s helped me to overcome social anxiety and I owe it everything. DJing all began four years ago and it’s been a road of high’s and low’s. Seeing how far it’s come, maybe all those years were worth it in the end.

How would you describe your sets?
Nothing but 100% passion and catharsis. Feeding off a crowd’s energy and returning it back to them in appreciation. That is the very core of live performance.

Weapons of choice?
DJ setup: 4x Pioneer CDJ nexus 2000
Studo setup: Logic pro X+ Mackie monitors
For the record, equipment does not define someone, they define themselves.

What can we expect from you on the night?
Rocky 2. Last year was a warning, this year it’s real.

What sets you apart from other competitors?
A.) Failure does not scare me whatsoever. All Champions are losers that never gave up.
B.) Think of anything you can do on a turntable, I can do that on a CDJ and then some.
C.) A lot of people still doubt me and overlook me, do that at your own risk.

Who’s set are you most looking forward to?
Toptap Pongsawat. She’s an amazing individual and a positive sign for change in this industry. Seeing all the young women she inspires gives me faith in the next generation of artists.

Upcoming projects?
My debut EP “Escapism” will be out very soon. Until then, catch me at a club or festival near you.

(If you’re reading this Sebastian Frances, you turned my life around. Hold that one to your heart)


A huge thank you to Empire, White Elephant, The Rockshop and RDU for making Decknology 2016 happen.

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