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Written by on 30 November 2020

Alex Mckay is the co-host of Tea Time, 7pm – 8pm, Mondays on RDU 98.5FM. Each week journey through the years of drum and bass. Tea Time takes listeners on a ride discovering the rich history & unique storyline that has formed the industry we see today. Behind the Airwaves in a blog series where we get to know our much loved RDU 98.5FM show hosts a bit better, what they are vibing musically, what they love about RDU 98.5FM and what is so great about living in Ōtautahi!

How did you first connect with RDU 98.5FM?

I was exploring the city back in 2018 and we were walking around town and turned into Boxed Quarter. I looked up and saw some guy having a dance and it looked like he was jamming on decks. I then learned that RDU was a radio station and this dude was broadcasting live. Fuck yeah, that’s sick. I then looked into it a bit more to see what they were about but kind of put it to the side. Then one day, I was bored as in a 3rd year engineering lecture so I got out my laptop, drafted up an email to Simon and clicked send. A couple weeks later I got a response, met Simon for a coffee and he slot me into a Wednesday 11pm slot. Not the most ideal timing for a full time student but I decided to take what I can get. I jumped on my bike in the middle of winter, ski gloves and all, and rode out to RDU in the middle of the night to play some DNB on a very nervous first show. My chat was horrendous, still is…

What’s the best way to spend a weekend in Christchurch?

Get together with your top homies after work on Friday and tee up a gig of some sorts (shoutout FLUX). Then roll into the dusty Saturday markets with more of the top homies and make plans from there. Kick back, get into town or Hagley park and enjoy the day with some good roosters. Saturday night – have a few drinks, again with some top homies. Make sure someones got some good tunes going, possibly lock into the Formatics and Bassfreaks shows on RDU for some heaaaving DNB. Bloody good. Sunday – Do whatever you feel like doing to get you ready and feeling good for the week ahead. Enjoy the day of the lord!

What’s your favourite story about RDU 98.5FM?

All the wicked acts that have come in and performed live to air downstairs and they cut the performance to vinyl/dubplate. Simon told me that when I first met him and it got me super gassed to be involved with RDU.

Your favourite other RDU 98.5FM show and why?

170+ with Maxwell Monika. I listen every week yo! 🙂

What’s your favourite restaurant/bar in Christchurch and why?

Chiwawawa. Not much of a restaurant guy because $$$ but dope spot and dope tacos.

What does RDU 98.5FM mean to you?

RDU has given me a sick creative outlet which I usually struggle to find given my busy life as an Engineer!

Favourite gig you’ve ever been to in Christchurch and why?

Ulterior Motive @ Stranges Lane. Just a bloody ripper of a gig with a lovely 21st party beforehand. Perfect combo of catching lots of mates and getting down to some of the worlds finest DNB.

Best venue in Christchurch and why?

FLUX are putting up a strong argument for this. Some awesome gigs there this year… Winnies will always be held dear to me though.

What’s the best thing about living in Christchurch and why?

The drum and bass scene. I’ve never had such a good time gigging/being involved with drum and bass community.

What song lyric would you have engraved on your gravestone?

“To live a life without music, I’d probably lose it” Redeyes, Abnormal Sleepz, HMD – Blessed <3

What did you have for breakfast?

A piece of Vogel’s toast with peanut butter. Toaster setting 6 (full gas).

You can catch Alex on Tea Time, 7pm – 8pm on Mondays with Corb as they journey through the years of drum and bass, trying to go back and piece together an understanding of what the DNB scene was, how the sound developed across the years and the people behind it all… Tea Time will take you on a ride discovering the rich history & unique storyline that has formed the industry we see today.

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