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Written by on 13 January 2021

Nacoa is the host of Friday Drive, 4 – 6pm, every week on RDU 98.5FM. This Friday, Nacoa celebrates 300 shows as the host of Friday Drive! What better way to celebrate than interviewing the man himself. Behind the Airwaves in a blog series where we get to know our much loved RDU 98.5FM show hosts a bit better, what they are vibing musically, what they love about RDU 98.5FM and what is so great about living in Ōtautahi!

How did you first connect with RDU 98.5FM?

As a listener, I first connected with RDU 98.5FM near the end of my high school years in the late 90s. I was just starting to get into electronic music, and a mate put me onto RDU, listening to awesome DJs playing amazing music. Around the same time, I was starting to collect records. Notably from two pre-quake High Street stores, Galaxy Records and Echo Records. The 420 Show‘s Messanjah, host of Dubwize at the time, worked upstairs at Echo and sold many a record to me. After a couple of years of buying, Messenjah invited me to mix on Dubwize back when the studio was in the UCSA building. This was my first time on-air, it would be another ten years though until I had my first show… In 2012 I was asked to take the reins of The Green Room. RDU was still broadcasting out of the infamous horse truck at this stage. I have always had a huge Kiwi influence in my music, so it was an honour to join a show with such a history. I held down the Saturday slot for 3 years until 2015. In late 2014 I started filling in on Friday Drive, and in 2015 I was offered the slot. I spent six months doing both shows before finally stepped away from The Green Room and give full focus to Friday Drive!

What’s the best way to spend a weekend in Christchurch?

As many of the listeners to Friday Drive can attest… I enjoy music, beer & food… So obviously eating, drinking & dancing at the many fine establishments we have across this city!

What’s your favourite story about RDU 98.5FM?

This is a hard one… you always have to go with the first thing that pops into head. RDU 98.5FM Christmas parties are always legendary or good memories of doing shows in the horse truck on stupidly hot summer days…

Your favourite other RDU 98.5FM show and why?

Wednesday Drive, love Andrew Barry’s knowledge bombs!

What’s your favourite restaurant/bar in Christchurch and why?

Moon Under Water has a great community vibe with rad staff, awesome beers and tasty food! Gotta give special mentions to Smokey T‘s & Pomeroys as well.

What does RDU 98.5FM mean to you?

Music & community.

Favourite gig you’ve ever been to in Christchurch and why?

Gramatik – seeing an all-time hero in the flesh.

Best venue in Christchurch and why?

Pre-quake, the Concrete Club: music, vibes and people!

What’s the best thing about living in Christchurch and why?

Everything that you could imagine is easily accessible… From sea and mountains to food, drinks and music. Plus that the music in this city is always fresh and exciting.

What song lyric would you have engraved on your gravestone?

“Lately I can’t take the pressure
Need to find a resolution
Feel alone and so confused
I just need to break free”
– The Pressure by The Breakfastaz

What did you have for breakfast?

Two pieces of toast with Marmite and Fix & Fogg Everything Butter. Alongside a Pacman mug filled with Lumes Plunger Coffee.

You can catch Nacoa on Friday Drive, 4pm – 6pm on every week. Start your weekend the right way! Two hours of new music, starting with the Homegrown Half Hour – 30mins of kiwi music brought to you by NZ on Air. Along with Nacoas hand-picked track of the week and classic track of the week! You’ll be ready for a beer bang on 4pm with Nachos Food Tingz – all the latest beer news matched with the perfect food pairings. And to top it all off Nacoa will throw in some interesting beer history, giveaways, weekend gig guide, interviews and bloody great chat!

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