Solomon Crook | sweet 16’s

Written by on 8 October 2021

Solomon Crook returns with the expansive new single ‘sweet 16’s’.

The third single from his upcoming EP ‘I & You’, ‘sweet 16’s’ is a song of epic proportion. On ‘sweet 16’s’ Solomon Crook’s voice is bold and captivating.

‘Sweet 16’s,’ co-produced by Solomon Crook, Devin Abrams, and Neil Macleod, offers a powerful sound palette. The intensity of the production mirrors Crook’s vocal delivery, building tension throughout the song before exploding into a heartfelt climax on the chorus.

Throughout ‘sweet 16’s’ Crook draws upon a nostalgic feeling of youth. The combination of Crook’s vocal delivery and the production is nothing short of exceptional. In his words, he conveys a raw sense of passion that perfectly depicts the idea of youth’s passing innocence. Through his songwriting, Crook draws you in and guides you through his imaginative world.

‘sweet 16’s’ is another immersive piece of storytelling from Solomon Crook. If Crook’s upcoming EP is anything like his previous singles, we are in store for something spectacular.

You can listen to ‘sweet 16’s’ below.

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